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Kenneth Patrick Weatherwax 1955-2014
Ken Weatherwax more famously known for his role of Pugsly in the Adams Family TV Series died at his California home.
 Son of: William M. Weatherwax (1904-1986)  and wife Margaret  M. Keeler. Both the Keeler and Weatherwax families were in various parts of the entertainment industry. Margaret's sister Ruby Keeler was a well know dancer and movie actor. Ken's family were of course famous TV and Movie animal trainers, and his Grandfather Walter S. Weatherwax was in the early motion picture industry in California. It appears from published obits online that his mother had a prior marriage and a son named Joseph Donald Vieira who is listed and Ken's half brother. I know Ken had a website that I used to check on every once in awhile, don't know if it is still active. I don't know if Kens mother is still living, but did find death and burial records for his father. Always a loss for even distant family members passing.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weatherwax family ancestral  land search in Rensselaer County New York.

Previous research by Arthur Johnson a descendant of Isaac Johnson husband of Betsey Weatherwax identified the location of the Land purchased by Andreas (Andrew) Weatherwax in 1765 as lying under the existing  Tomhannock Reservoir in Rensselaer county  NY.
This research is not supported by sources in Johnson's limited published work. He only sites several geologic maps without reference to why they were selected.. There is little or no correlation with the Known published Will of Andrew Weatherwax (the immigrant's son) or known locations and deed of other family members
The Will of Andrew Weatherwax probated in 1784 and found in Fernow's Calendar of Wills states the following regarding the disposition of lands and deeds granted to his children.
1. "To my son Hannes- 231 &3/4 acres of land wheron he now lives in Tamhanick." "He having a deed for the land from me already."
2. "To Martin Widderwax- the farmhouse whereon I now dwell in Tamhanick at the extent of a farm surveyed for Alexander Widderwax containing 235 & 1/2 acres."
Although Andrew's Will gives further disposition of lands to his other children these two provisions of the Will provide sources that lead to the identifying the current location of the lands in Question.
Clearly based on #2 Martin Widderwax (Weatherwax) inherited his father Andrew's farm of 235&1/2 acres of land. Subsequent land records will show the location of this property today.
It must be remembered when doing land searches in New York that most land was in one huge county called Albany county. Rensselaer County NY was not broken off from Albany county until 1792. So when researching land that was purchased or deeded prior to 1792 the Land records of Albany county must be consulted to provide a continuous chain of ownership for lands being searched.
Hannes Widderwax (Weatherwax)
Johannes or Hanes Weatherwax was the first born son of Andrew Weatherwax by his 2nd marriage to Jo Anna Edeli. His exact date of birth is not found, but other documentation indicates a dob of 1740. He married Anna Premmer abt 1761. He died 11 Mar 1818 in Schaghticoke, Rensselaer co. NY. He had seven known children. The son Andrew Weatherwax b:9 Sep 1766 provides the chain of land ownership from his father Hannes to Andrew's son John A. Weatherwax b:1794. His son was John A. Weatherwax b:4 Sep 1841
Additionally the approved S.A.R. application of John P. Weatherwax clearly indicates the land in question remained within the family until  the last parcel was sold by him in 1972.
Contained in the holdings of the Rensselaer county Historical society is the family Bible of John A. Weatherwax this Bible provides a clear consistent line of descent to John Peer Weatherwax b:23 Sep 1904, d:28 Jun 1991. These papers containing over 15 boxes of documents, photos and family records provide a chain of land ownership that points to the location of this land in present day Schaghticoke, Rensselaer co. NY.
Deed found, Albany co. Deeds, Book 9, page402 for lot "H" containing 233 acres and 3 rods.
Deed dated 2 Dec 1772 and recorded on 25 Apr 1774
Granter: Andrew Weatherwax  (the original immigrants son)
Grantee: Johannis Wederwax
original record was examined by myself in Albany County Clerk's office on April 19,2013. This record  does not specify anything that would indicated the present day location of the land in question.
Deed found, Rensselaer co Deeds, Book 267, page 6
Deed dated: 17 Apr 1899
Grantor: John  A. Weatherwax b:1794
Grantee: Freeman C. Weatherwax b:31 Aug 1868
140 acres of land located in Schaghticoke
Another Deed found Book 330, pg25 indicates that Freeman Cooper Weatherwax and wife Edith sold some of this land to his brother William M. Weatherwax on 22 Oct 1910.
Upon Freeman C. Weatherwax's death on 3 Feb 1953 the remaining parcel of original land passed through inheritance to his son John Peer Weatherwax and his sisters Louis W. Austin and Esther W. Sykes.
Utilizing the 1976 Rensselaer County New York Tax maps for the town of Schaghticoke  indicated   a parcel of property on "Weatherwax Lane" , at the junction of Gunbadt Road. A cross reference to property sales indicated that John P. Weatherwax sold property in 1972  A surveyed plot map with information confirmed  that the property at this location was sold by John Peer Weatherwax and his sisters. The  Schaghticoke  Tax Map #041.00 clearly indicates the property in question and also indicates that the 10.66 acres sold was part of the original 231+ acres of the original patent. This last parcel of land owned by Hannes Weatherwax's decendants was sold  based on a land survey dated  26 Jun 1972 and registered on 11 Jul 1971. The land was sold to James A. and Caroll Jennison of Schaghticoke.
This then confirms along with other documentation that Andrew Weatherwax's purchase of 1/3 of a parcel of land  encompassing 8602 acres on the East bank of the Hudson which was transacted in 1765 was in fact located in present day Schaghticoke, not Pittstown NY. It appears that the Northern boundary was along Tomhannock creek. Some indications are that the patent continued southward to the Deep Kill. In total on his death Andrew parceled out a total of  about 2800 acres of land, reserving 800 acres to pay for anything due on the whole patent.
Andrew Weatherwax's original farm of 235 1/2 acres which was deeded to his son Martin Weatherwax 1741-1813.
Martin Weatherwax bap:13 Jan 1741; d:27 May 1813.
Martin Weatherwax and his brother David Weatherwax (1747-1831), both these brothers sold their Rensselaer county farms and moved to Peru, Clinton county NY by 1794. Clearly in 1796 both appear in Road tax lists for the town of Peru, Clinton co. NY. No record of the sale or transfer of David's property has yet been found. But evidence exist based on land purchases in Clinton co NY that both bought 300 acres farms in Peru on the Western shore of Lake Champlain
Deed found: Rensselaer county Deeds Book 1, pg.44 (First Deed book of new Rensselaer co. NY)
This deed date 29 Nov 1792 clearly indicates that the
Grantor Martinus Weatherwax
Gratee: Benjamin Holt
purchased land on 185 1/2 acres on 29 Nov 1792
then on 23 May 1811 Rensselaer county deed book 5, pgs.496-497
Indicates that land in possession of Benjamin Holt is conveyed to James Brookins.
Here it gets fuzzy because the Court of Common Pleas took a certification of this transaction by Martin Weatherwax who was then living in Peru NY. Possibly he traveled to Rensselaer county, but he would die within 2 years and it appears he would not have traveled that far but provided a written certification to the court.
So further research is needed to identify the land held in 1811 by James Brookins. It is noteworthy that Peter Weatherwax 1752-1805 is buried in the Brookins Family cemetery on rte 41 along with several James Brookins family members. Peters property is rumored to be located near this site again in Schaghticoke.
So why was Peter Weatherwax buried in the Brookins family cemetery? I suspect this was a small Weatherwax family cemetery before the land  was purchased  by James Brookins. That would logically allow Peter Weatherwax to be buried there in 1805. Peter had no known relationship to the Brookins family.  Two separate visits to this cemetery show only a marker for Peter who is listed in the D.A.R. Patriots marker listings. All other possibly Weatherwax markers could not be found.
copyright Wayne E. Weatherwax Nov.16,2014.

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I have missing from my blog due to computer cookie errors and hopefully am now ready to resume posting. My local Genealogy Society had an interesting meeting online last night with Dear Myrtle. Utilizing Google Plus and computers we had an interactive experience with Myrtle who was in Salt Lake and or society which was in Agawam,MA. Additionally another person from NJ who is Myrtle's cousin was on line as well. We went through 12 items that all of us need to do to improve and preserve and share our Genealogical research etc. This was our 2nd interactive meeting previously we did one on Photographs and Genealogy erc.

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Lets have a scavenger hunt.
Which Weatherwax was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal for service to the U.S.?
Which Weatherwax worked as a member of the U.S. Secret Service and then as a member of the C.I.A.?
Which Weatherwax is credited with the sinking of a Russian Submarine during the Cold War?

Answers will be posted next week.

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Hazlett P. Weatherwax Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy

A Brief Bio of Hazlett Paul Weatherwax.

Born 25 Oct 1907 in Honolulu Hawaii (Territory) to Charles S. Weatherwax and Agnes M. Bookstover. His father migrated to Hawaii (Territory) on 7 Nov 1891 traveling from San Francisco CA onboard the S.S. Australia. The passenger manifest indicates he was a Photographer.
Hazlett grew up in Hawaii and attended St. Louis College in Honolulu prior to his appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1927. He attended Annapolis and graduated in June of 1931 with the Commission of Ensign U.S. Navy.
His first duty station was on the Destroyer USS Childs. In 1932 he was transferred to the USS Leary.
Then reassigned to the Battleship Mississippi as a Division officer. From 1937 through 1939 he studied Ordnance and Engineering at the US Naval Postgraduate school at Annapolis, MD. When World War II broke out he was stationed aboard the USS Alexander Dallas.
In March of 1942 he was assigned to the Fore River Yards of Bethlehem Steel Company in Massachusetts. He reported to assist in the fitting out and commissioning of the Battleship USS Massachusetts (BB-59) As a member of the original crew he became what is know in the Navy as a "Plankowner" After shakedown operation Massachusetts departed for French Morocco, where "Mamie" participated in the action at Casablanca. After being damaged Mamie returned to the U.S. for repairs and was then reassigned to the Pacific Fleet and took part in operations against the IJA/IJN at Russell Island, Munda, New Georgia, Solomon Islands and the Gilbert Islands.

Hazlett served in many other Commands and positions in the U.S. Navy. He is the highest ranking member of the Weatherwax family within the U.S. Military. He was promoted to Rear Admiral on July 18,1958. He would continue to serve in many different capacities until July 1,1966 when he retired from the U.S. Navy. He retired to his home on the Potomic River in Alexandria,VA. Less than a year later he would die of a heart attack while working on his boat.
From 1711 when our immigrant ancestor Johan Henrich C. Wiederwach volunteered for the Militia in the Palatines to Canada campaign until present day our family  has fought and died for future generations to preserve our nation for all Americans. In every Armed conflict of War there have been Weatherwax family members ready to defend and protect our nation, and today many still serve proudly preserving our family heritage in service to our country.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Will of Myron B. Wetherwax

Rensselaer county Will book116,pages 543-547

The last will and testament of Myron B. Wetherwax late of the town of North Greenbush in the county of Rensselaer deceased together with the proofs thereof as a will of real and personal estate. Recorded March 4th 1887

Will delivered to Alfred S. Lape June 12,1888

The Last Will and testament of Myron B. Wetherwax

I Myron B. Wetherwax of the town of North Greenbush county of Rensselaer and state of New York being of sound mind and memory do make publish and declare this my ladt Will and Testament as follows:

1st I give and bequeath unto each and every one of my daughters that are single and unmarrried a house and support on my premises so long as they remain single as long as they shall choose to remain there and perform reasonable services for my estate which house and support I make an incumbrance upon my real estate.

2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Betsy H. Wetherwax the use and natural income of all my personal and real estate for the purpose of keeping my family together and subject to the above incumbrances until my son Samuel shall arrive at the age of twenty one years.

3rd I give and bequeath to my daughter Ida May Wetherwax five hundrd dollars to be paid to her by my executors hereinafter named as soon after my death as she shall arrive at the age of twenty one years.

4th I give and bequeath to my daughter Ester C. Wetherwax the sum of five hundred dollars to be paid to her by my executor when she shall arrive at the age of twenty one years.

5th I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elva Frances the like sum of five hundred dollars to be paid to her by my said executors when she shall arrive at the age of twenty one years which is considered by me to make them equal with the five hundred dollars heretofor paid to each of my three oldest daughters by myself.

6th I give divise and bequeath all the rest of residue and remainder of all my real estate and personal estate after paying the above legacies (subject however to the foregoing mentioned incumbrances of support of those my said daughters that are single if any there be) to my son Samuel Wetherwax when he shall arrive at the age of twenty one years to have and hold the same forever. And in case he orany of my three daughters last named shall not live until they shall arrive at the age of twenty one years and leaving no hiers then I direct that the sums they would have if living be equally divided between my heirs that are their living or to their heirs to have and to hold the same forever.

And lastly I do hereby constitue and appoint my said wife Betsy H. Wetherwax Exeutrix and my brother Andrew Wetherwax and my friend Sylvester J. Craver Executors of this my last Will and Testament whom I do hereby appoint Guradians of my minor children if any impower them to have full control of all of my personal and real estate to till cultivate let or rent said real estate and pay the income thereof to my said wife as before mentioned until my said son Samuel shall arrive at the age of twenty one years and should these not be sufficient money to pay the forgoing legacies as the shall become due then I direct my Executors to raise the deficiency by bond and mortgage or otherwise on my ral estate. In witness whereof I have herunto set my hand and seal the sixteenth day of April in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty.

             Myron B. Wetherwax l.s.

The above instrument was at the date thereof signed sealed and declared and published by the said Myron B. Weatherwax as and for his last Will and testament in presence of us who at his request and in his presence and in presende of each other have subscribed our name as witness hereto.

Wm. Morel West Sandlake Rensselar co NY

Youth Yanalake Renss co NY Edgar Y. Yhter

Albert O. Fellows West Sandlake Rens co NY


Whereas I Myron B. Wetherwax have heretofore made my lat Will and testamenr date April 16,1880, Now I make this instrument as a codicil to said last Will and testament and to be taken as a part thereof. In and by virtue of my said Will  I did among other things therein contained constitute and appoint my brother Andrew Wetherwax and my friend Sylvester J. Craver executors of my said Will. Now I revoke the appointment of the said Andrew Wetherwax and Sylvester J. Craver as such Eexcutors and appoint my son inlaw Alfred H. Lape and my son inlaw George P. Lape executors in their stead. Retifying and confirming my said Will in all other respects. I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eighteenth day of October in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty four.

                                                                        Myron B. Wetherwax l.s.


Edgar J.L.Yhter

Albert O. Fellows

The above Will when probated on March 4,1887 indicated the following:

Betsy H. Wetherwax Executrix

Alfred H. Lape and Goerge P. Lape Executors

Mary E. Lape heir  (minor)

Esther Wickes Frankie Wetherwax heir (minor)

Samuel B. Wetherwax heir (minor)

Alexander B. Slocum guardien of minor heirs

Transcribers notes:

Myron Burton Wetherwax b: 9 Aug 1829;d:23 Jan 1887;bur:Elmwood Cem. Sandlake NY

his wife was Elizabeth H. Tabor b:8 Jun 1832;d:18 May 1908;bur:Elmwood Cem. Sandlake NY

Samuel Burton Wetherwax b:10 Apr 1875;d:21 Jan 1945;bur Elmwood Cem. Sandlake NY

he married: Lillie May Coons

Esther C. Wetherwax b:4 May 1867; d:16 Oct 1892;bur: Elmwood Cem. Sandlake NY

she married: Frank Wicks

Ida May Wetherwax b:19 Jan 1863;d:9 Nov 1926

she married: Howard  B. Holsapple

Elva Frances Wetherwax b:7 Jun 1873;d:30 Apr 1943;bur: Elmwood Cem Sandlake NY

she married: Henry Heger

Amy T. or G. Wetherwax b:10 Feb 1854;d:25 Aug 1920;bur: Elmwood Cem. Sandlake

she married: George Peter Lape (executor of Myron Will)

There was a total of ten children born to Myron B. and  Elizath H. Wetherwax

twin daughters: Harriet and Charlotte b:1853,d:1853

                                 Martha Janet b:1865;d:1865


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Gertrude A. Weatherwax (nee Lussier) wife of Clarence E. Weatherwax ((deceased) died on Saturday October 5,2013 after a brief illness.She was born March 27,1924 in Westfield, MA. She was the daughter of Emory J. Lussier and Eva Mae Venslette. Her husband died in 1998. She is survived by one sister Burnadette Lussier of Becket,MA. Sons: Wayne E. Weatherwax of Westfield, MA, Edward R. Weatherwax of GA..and  6 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren.